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Hawaii Guide from Experts – Tips and Recommendations

Our friendly staff, My Hawaii Experts, frequently visits Hawaii to learn about new activities and resorts. We chose to provide you with a personal tour of Hawaii that would highlight the most surprising and fascinating aspects of our trips. Every time we visit, our love for Hawaii grows. Continue reading to discover our best advice, secret locations, must-do lists, and epic experiences from Top Hawaii Guide from Experts.

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Specialist in Leisure

“I return often as a seasoned visitor to Hawaii. This island’s culture and history permeate every man-made and natural monument and experience, making it unique. At the Sheraton Waikiki, my preferred activity is lounging in the infinity pool. I enjoy walking through the ancient halls of the magnificent Moana Surfrider, then getting additional cocktails and a bite to eat at the open-air bar while looking over the Pacific Ocean. Simply put, nothing else feels better. When I travel to Hawaii, I have nothing scheduled. I simply want to savor the peace, meander the streets in search of new inspiration, and stop Starbucks every morning for the Coconut Frappuccino. After slathering me with coconut sunscreen, I’m ready to go. There is no place like Hawaii.” ~ Leah

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Food Consultor

“I have already made plans to return to Hawaii. I spent a lot of time at Dukes eating the well-known Cookie Dough Hula Pie the previous time I visited. It’s a must-try. Also amazing was the OMELET station. I also enjoyed heading north and eating lunch from a prawn truck. Another highlight was the Dole Pineapple Plantation and Macadamia Farm (yum), where we had the mouthwateringly famous pineapple soft serve. The Cheesecake Factory was also on my list of favorites. This was also my favorite resort throughout my visit to Hawai’i; the fantastic seafood plate at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki will definitely tempt me once more. The accommodations were large and cozy; the downstairs coffee shop was fantastic, and they had the best buffet breakfast available anywhere in Waikiki.” ~ Sarah

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Retail Guru

“Avoid packing excessively for Hawaii; you will have an abundance of shopping to transport home, and you will require additional space. Shop until you drop at the Waikele outlets; you’ll find some excellent deals here. Waikiki Beach Walk and Luxury Row are home to high-end brands, souvenir shops, and hand-made boutiques, as well as numerous restaurants and entertainment options. Don’t miss the sizable shopping center, Ala Moana; a few goods here will make you irresistible! International Market Place also offers something for everyone. ABC stores abound with everything you might possibly need. The sheer volume of things to see and do in Hawai’i generally astounds me! From the busy center of commerce on Waikiki Beach to the gorgeous North Shore and all the sites, restaurants, stores, and bars in between, Hawai’i was an unbounded treasure trove of fun and adventure. Prince Waikiki was my preferred resort because the rooms were opulent and large, plus it was close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center. Although I did bring some retail beauties home, the priceless experiences I have created will always hold immense value.” ~ Jacky

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Luau Expert

“OOOOH, ok, the Marriott Pa’ina Waikiki Luau in Hawaii was just amazing! It reflected the Hawaiian films exactly. The Hawaiian people welcomed us in with a fresh flower lei and a Mai Tai cocktail, and they were incredibly friendly. The ceremony started with a welcoming vocalist hand-embellishing—removable—traditional tattoos on our arms. As the performance went on, the storyteller told the tales of every dance, providing a vivid and fascinating educational experience. It was amazing to see each hula dance present a unique narrative of Hawaiian history. Every dancer entered the audience to dance with us, finishing the evening with amazing father-son fire twirling. We also enjoyed drinks and a buffet throughout. At the very end, my friend even stepped on stage and danced the hula alongside the men! I shall never forget this event.” ~ Nia

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Seasoned Surfer

“I’m a surfing junkie; hence, Hawai’i has always been on my bucket list as the surfing birthplace. Aloha State appeals greatly to many other surfers, as well as beginners, because there are waves that fit both. My most recent trip did not let me down! My primary memories of Hawaii are of water. I had a plethora of incredible experiences in and around the ocean, ranging from the breathtaking Pacific view from the summit of Diamond Head to the breathtaking sight of the hotels lining the shore to the thrilling sensation of riding the waves. I loved that the Royal Hawaiian hotel was right next to the beach, so I could go straight to the waves! Remember to pack sunscreen, as the heat is intense!” ~ Ashlee

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Pro Hiker

“Along with many other amazing hiking experiences, climbing Diamond Head to see Waikiki Beach is a must-do in my books. Walking across paths outside of Waikiki, up Diamond Head, or to Manoa or Waimano Falls, you will discover a lot to see and enjoy Hawai’i on foot. Use old hiking shoes; the excursions are somewhat muddy.” ~ Nicky

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Snorkeling Expert

“Visit Magic Island, located near Waikiki, where you can encounter turtles for an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Without traveling incredible distances, there is amazing beauty right here. Some resorts include snorkel equipment; alternatively, you may find this at the reliable ABC stores that abound on all sides, like we did. We had an amazing experience snorkeling with the sea turtles on Oahu’s North Shore! On Hawai’i Island, we also enjoyed snorkeling at the black sand beach (hatchlings are seasonal)” ~ Rach

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Culture Consultor

“You will come across lovely Hawaiian people and culture wherever you visit the island. I was fascinated by the kind people and their culture. It was fascinating to see everyone ready to help! The Royal Hawaiian made me feel as though I was on a little tropical island, with more room in the apartments than I had anticipated. The atmosphere was absolutely peaceful. Every Monday and Thursday night, the luau here was a lovely traditional dance and celebration of Hawaiian culture—a feast of food and hula! One absolutely has to visit Pearl Harbor.” ~ Morgan

Hawaii Guide from Experts: The Expert on Nature

“Everywhere you look is beautiful—from beaches to mountain ranges—it’s difficult to capture a negative picture in Hawai’i. From Waikiki to the North Shore, I was delighted with the coastal trip. It was truly amazing to watch the waves surge toward one side while immersing in verdant surroundings on the other! My preferred pastime on the way to the North Shore would be snorkeling and turtle-hanging. The Royal Hawaiian was my preferred resort because of its excellent restaurants and verdant grounds. You will need more than you might believe, given all that Hawai’i offers.” ~ Cristiana

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