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5 Ways to Tie Ladies Hawaiian Shirts

Perfect for giving any outfit a bit of tropical flair, Hawaiian shirts are adaptable and fashionable.Here are five ways to tie ladies Hawaiian shirts that will make you stand out.

1. The Classic Knot to Tie Ladies Hawaiian shirts

Tying a Hawaiian shirt the simplest and most often used method is with a classic knot.

  • Step 1: Button the shirt starting from the lowest two buttons left undone
  • Step 2: Take the shirt tails and tie them in a simple knot.
  • Step 3: Untie the knot to comfortably sit at your waist.

This approach a ccentuates your waist and gives your outfit a laid-back beachy atmosphere. It’s ideal also for hot summer days.

2. The Crop Top Tie

Cut your Hawaiian shirt into a crop top for a laid-back, flirtatious vibe.

  • Step 1: Button the shirt up to slightly below your bust in first step.
  • Step 2: Take the leftover cloth and knot it just above your waist
  • Step 3: Tuck the ends under the knot in order to get a neat finish.

For a laid-back trip, this look goes great with high-waisted shorts or skirts.


3. The Front Tuck

Keeping your Hawaiian shirt somewhat more formal, the front tuck is a trendy approach to wear it.

  • Step 1: Button the shirt as usual.
  • Step 2:Tuck the front of the shirt into your skirt or jeans in second step.
  • Step 3: Leave the back untucked for a laid-back view in step three.

This approach can help you to move from a beach day to a night out quite quickly.

4. The Side Knot to tie ladies Hawaiian shirts

Your Hawaiian shirt will seem asymmetrical and whimsically if you knot one side.

  • Step 1: Button up the shirt, leaving the bottom few buttons undone.
  • Step 2: Gather the shirt tails to one side.
  • Step 3: Tie the tails into a knot on the side.

This technique not only adds flair but also helps accentuate your curves.

5. The Belted Wrap

If you want to Tie your Hawaiian Shirts. Try the belted wrap technique for a refined look.

  • Step 1: Button the shirt up completely.
  • Step 2: Wrap a belt around your waist, over the shirt.
  • Step 3: Adjust the shirt so that it blouses out slightly over the belt.

Perfect for a more put together look, the belted wrap offers your Hawaiian shirt a dress-like air.


Using these five ways to tie ladies Hawaiian shirts, Goblin style hope that you can easily switch up your style and make a statement. Whether you’re going for a casual day out or a more refined evening look, there’s a tying method to suit every occasion.

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